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Shankar's 2.0 - Micro Chitti 17 Color 01

Rough concepts for Rajinikanth's character, Micro Chitti, which was a whimsical and mischievous little character the size of a cell phone, specifically, the silhouette was to be pushed way over the top since the character was the size of a soda can, hence the huge space marine / Iron Man suit concept to see how far is too far. This was mocked up over a 3D scan of Actor Rajinikanth. Micro Chitti was to be the transformed version of a cell phone, so cell phone elements needed to be incorporated. Eventually, we moved away from a literal transformation of the phone, to a suggested transformation, so we would not need to require all the same existing parts to be accounted for.
I had the pleasure of working on 2.0 (2018), the sequel to Enthiran (2010) with the great crew at Legacy Effects.

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 - Chitti Micro 14 Color 01